Youth Performance Troupe Wins OnStage NY Awards!

posted 05/04/15

Porch Light's Youth Performance Troupe (YPT) took home top honors at OnStage NY's annual performing arts competition last month, winning the Entertainment Award, Vocalist Awards, Standout Awards as well as multiple platinum awards. The Entertainment Award qualifies the Junior Company to perform at OnStage's National Grand Finale this summer.Vocalist Awards will awarded to Cydney Gleckner and Jessica Ruby, recognizing performers who have demonstrated exemplary singing talents in their age division. Vocalist winners receive a $250 scholarship to the NYC Dance Alliance Summer Dance Intensive and a Lanteri NY gift certificate.

The full line-up of awards includes:

Platinum Award - Duet, "Caitlyn and Haley" (Mia Lowy & Lizzie Hannafey)
Platinum Award - Solo, "With Him" (Jess Ruby)
Platinum Award - Duet, "Leavin's Not the Only Way" (Mahi Pasarkar & Grace Holt)
Platinum Award - Solo, "Welcome to the World" (Cydney Gleckner)
Platinum Award - Group Number, "Revolting Children" (Junior I Company)
Platinum Award - Solo, "The Fire Within Me" (Olivia McLellan)
Platinum Award - Duet, "Say Something" (Olivia Zorrilla & JT Cambria)
Platinum Award - Group Number, "Dogfight" (Senior Company)
Platinum Award - Duet, "Flight" (Edie Crowley & Abbie Anderson)
Platinum Award - Solo, "Kindergarten Boyfriend" (Lauren McCandless)
Platinum Award -
Duet, "Say Yes" (Meg Whyte & Emma Schmalz)
High Gold Award -
Group Number, "Light" (Seniors)
High Gold Award - Duet, "Something's Different" (Kate Glennon & Sean Zuckerman)
High Gold Award - Group Number, "I Got You" (Junior II Company)
High Gold Award - Solo, "Think of Meryl Streep" (Lauren Plastina)
High Gold Award - Group Number, "Find Your Grail: High Gold" (Junior Company)
Gold Award - Solo, "Always Starting Over" (Tina Rivara)

Entertainment Award - "Revolting Children" (Junior I Company)
Vocalist Award - Soloist, Cydney Gleckner
Vocalist Award - Soloist, Jess Ruby

3rd Place Overall Soloist - (Cydney Glecker)
3rd Place Overall Duo/Trio - (Mia Lowy & Lizzie Hannafey)
2nd Place Overall Group - (Junior I, "Revolting Children")

High Score Award - Advanced Junior Vocalist (Cydney Gleckner)
High Score Award - 3rd Place Advanced Mini Overall (Junior I, "Revolting Children")
High Score Award - 4th Place Advanced Junior Duo/Trio (Meg Whyte & Emma Schmalz)
High Score Award - 5th Place Advanced Junior/Trio (Mahi Pasarkar & Grace Holt)
High Score Award
- 8th Place Advanced Mini Solo
High Score Award - 12th Place Teen Advanced Solo (Jess Ruby)
High Score Award - 19th Place Advanced Teen Solo (Lauren McCandless)

Standout Award - Future Broadway Star (Jessica Ruby)
Standout Award - Storytelling and Conviction (Jessica Ruby)
Standout Award - Future Broadway Star (Cydney Gleckner)
Standout Award - Investment in Character (Lauren McCandless)
Standout Award - Harmonies (Grace Holt & Mahi Pasarkar)
Standout Award - Aww Factor (Mahi Pasarkar & Grace Holt)
Standout Award - Comedy Duo (Meg Whyte & Emma Schmalz)
Standout Award - Conviction (Edie Crowley & Abbie Anderson)
Standout Award - Broadway Stars (Meg Whyte & Emma Schmalz)
Standout Award - Commitment (Junior I Company, "Revolting Children")

YPT is an unique triple threat program developed by Porch Light Productions in 2011. Members of this elite company are selected by an audition process and receive advanced training in acting, voice & dance under the direction of musical theatre professionals. Their season includes in-house shows, public events, competitions and an industry showcase where students perform for and recieve feedback from Broadway and film professionals.

Auditions for YPT's 2015/16 season will be held June 16 & 17 by appointment. To book your audition, email ryan@porchlightproductions.org.