Youth Performance Troupe (YPT)

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About the Program

YPT is an award-winning triple threat program developed by Porch Light Productions. Members of this company are selected by an audition process and receive advanced training in acting, voice & dance under the direction of musical theatre professionals. YPT members also participate in various performance opportunities throughout the season, including original and scripted musical productions, competitions, public appearances and Industry Showcases in NYC and NJ. YPT is a year-long commitment (late August - mid-June) and designed for students with a passion for theatre and performance and interested in a more focused training program.


Ages & Divisions

Our program is open to elementary, middle, high school and now college students. The YPT program consists of the following groups:


YPT JUNIOR I - Grades 4-5

YPT JUNIOR II - Grades 6-7

YPT SENIOR I - Grades 8-10

YPT SENIOR II - Grades 10-12

YPT SELECT - Grades 11-College

Groupings are designed to allow each performer the greatest opportunity for growth and development.



August Intensive

This week-long program operates much like a school day, with regimented blocks of training time and includes focused skill building and assessments in acting, vocal performance and dance. Training includes character development, monologues, acting warm-ups, audition techniques, vocal performance as well as various styles of dance. The August Intensive is an important part of the training schedule and allows YPT directors to further assess students' skills and focus on areas that need further development. We will also use this time for actor's headshots and auditions for our first show.

2017/18 August Intensive August 26-31 (no Sunday)

Students that have been accepted to the program or would like to audition, but cannot attend the August Intensive due to a previously-scheduled commitment will be required to make up the time at the beginning of the session.

Weekly Advance Acting Classes

YPT members are required to attend weekly technique classes to enhance their performances and build fundamental skills. These classes are generally held on Thursdays from 4-6:30PM (Junior Company) and 6:30-9PM (Senior Company). YPT members recieve training in monologues, character development, methodology, audition preparation and technique, industry coaching, stage combat, vocal performance and more. Students also maintain a journal throughout the year to include reflections on their performances and creative work.


Saturday mornings/afternoons are generally reserved for rehearsals for the upcoming production. Rehearsals are 10AM-1PM (Junior Company) and 1-4PM (Senior Company).

Additional Hours/Open Studio

Additional hours may be required for rehearsals and techs leading up to performances. Performances are held on weekends and students must attend every technical rehearsal and performance to maintain participation in the group. Open studio (additional rehearsal time) and technical rehearsals will be held on Tuesdays from 5-9PM as needed.


While we make every effort to encourage students to be well-rounded and participate in outside activities such as school drama clubs, dance classes, sports and other activities, YPT is a committment that students and parents must consider and prioritize their schedules accordingly. Conflicts must be approved by your director and submitted in advance whenever possible. Multiple unapproved absences may result in loss of roles and/or place in the ensemble.

If you have further questions about scheduling, please contact Ryan Pifher.


Tuition & Fees


If accepted into YPT, tuition will be required for the full season. Monthly payment options and automatic billing are available for YPT members as well as a discounted full-pay option. Additional fees include costumes, tickets, competition entry fees and show-related merchandise. For questions about tuition and charges, email Jenn Pifher.



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